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Simon SebhatThe Determination to Overcome Obstacles.

Fall Ball 2010

Simon Sebhat

Overcoming Obstacles

Hi my name is Simon Sebhat, I'm a senior at Holy Cross College at Notre Dame. I'm the oldest of four children, and my parents hail from the country Eritrea, thus making me an Eritrean. I'm originally from Chicago, Illinois but am now residing in Skokie, Illinois. I'm a huge fan of sports, specifically basketball. Hopefully the rest of my efolio gives you a little insight on who I am!

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A reoccurring theme that has happened in my life is overcoming obstacles, which is why that is the title of this introduction page. Many obstacles have come through my life and my response to every situation is what got me where I am today. Luckily I am on the way to graduation from college so I made some right decisions!

Before coming to South Bend and Holy Cross I was a high school student at Niles North High School. My four years were very eventful and amazing. You can also say it was easy because I was depending on my parents for mostly everything. Holy Cross gave me a bit of an awakening when I realized I'm away a college and have to fend for myself. I am still on the track of finding out what I want to do after Holy Cross but future is looking very bright.

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